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Meet Roseann
On The Issues
I am ready to tackle our problems head on. I believe that our district in Northwest Indiana has a much greater potential, which can be achieved. I picture a brighter future, where our children and grandchildren will prosper. I believe that we need fresh ideas and strong leadership. The current representative has held the office for 33 years, is largely absent and out-of-touch with the area, and a change is long overdue.

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Why I’m Running

I want to bring a fresh perspective to the 1st District of Indiana. I plan on tackling the issues that have weighed upon Northwest Indiana. I see those primary issues to be employment and job training, lack of transportation throughout the area and an increasingly declining infrastructure. I am also concerned about the growing student loan debt and the effect it is having on our economy. Additionally, the lack of competition in the health care industry has made health care difficult for many to afford.

Our district needs strong attention and innovative representation to guide us to that brighter future. Indiana’s 1st District needs someone who is not afraid to speak out and express the concerns of the people of the Northwest Indiana area. I intend on bringing the tax dollars that we pay to Washington back to our area in the form of jobs and growth. Indiana needs someone who will be a voice in Congress for everyone – not just a few. This is why I am running to be your representative in Washington.

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Attracting Business

My goal is to encourage the growth of business in Northwest Indiana. Our region should be a viable and attractive location option for tech companies, internet business developers and start-ups.

Healthcare Availability

I believe that health care must be available for all Americans and that increasing competition and offering various options will make health care more affordable.


District 1 is a major conduit for commerce throughout the Midwest and it deserves the federal contributions necessary to support the maintenance of our declining infrastructure.

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